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About us

Company profile

Huzar Software is one of the leading Polish software developer that supports customs services. We offer applications for Microsoft Windows systems family. Our software deals with filling:

  • customs documents (SAD, DW1, CMR, EUR, CIM, SGMS, ATR, INF 1-9, Certificate of origin),
  • financial documents (VAT invoice, commercial invoice, etc.),
  • excise tax documents (ADT, UDT),
  • transit documents (TIR)
  • statistical declarations INTRASTAT and also
  • stores different kind of records: simplified procedure record and notification record at this simplified procedure.

Our software also supports different customs procedures (customs warehousing, inward processing in drawback and suspension systems, transit procedures). Custom and transit documents, notifications in simplified procedure and also INTRASTAT declarations are automatically transfer to the Celina, NCTS, Zefir/OSOZ systems as electronic data.

We also design, develop and implement the customer-dedicated systems such as data formats converters. We organise training sessions both in our and in clients place. Our clients are provided with rapid and continuous software maintenance in case of any changes in customs law and customs Tariff. We also provide consultations concerning customs regulations domain.

The Huzar Software company employs highly skilled specialists in the law regulations, experienced system and database designers and programmers . Their experience and knowledge of new technologies with the use of modern programming tools assure that delivered applications are of very high quality, respect ergonomic standards and so are easy to use. Integration of this software with clients business processes is smooth and straightforward.