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Customs Offices Information Systems

Huzar Software applications co-operates with the following Customs Offices Information Systems:

  • Celina – WinSADIB application directly transfers customs documents, as XML files, to the Celina OPUS system (simplify procedure) or the Celina WEBCEL system. Customs documents, as XML files, could also be transferred through Celina website (the option for clients who are not using WinSADIB application). The advantages of direct transfers of customs documents:
    1. customs documents as XML files are quickly delivered to Celina system,
    2. status of customs documents is automatically updated in WinSADIB,
    3. customs documents reference numbers are automatically downloaded.




  • NCTS – New Computerized Transit System supports common transit procedure realised with SAD customs documents, mainly at road transport. Each transit is followed by NCTS information system from the beginning (i.e. opening of a transit operation) to the end (i.e. closing of a transit operation). Information about the present state of transit is available at exit, transit as well as destination customs offices,
  • ECS – supports export procedures handling. WinSADIB software connects to ECS system directly and sends export SAD documents. WinSADIB also corrects most of mistakes that the user could probably make while filling SAD document.
  • OSOZ (System of Collaterals and Permission Service) – WinSADIB Transit Guarantee Balancing unit and OSOZ System can exchange electronic massages: IE26 (Change of the guarantee access code) , IE34 (Check of confirmations issued, validity of collaterals and current stage of collateral usage), IE224 (Registration of debiting and exemption of collateral balance),,
  • ISZTAR Customs Tariff – the Polish version of TARIC customs tariff is available from WinSADIB application; the ISZTAR customs tariff browser is maintained by the Ministry of Finance, Customs Service Organisation Department. The ISZTAR Tariff combines data from TARIC system (goods nomenclature, duty rates, restrictions, tariff quotas, tariff ceilings, suspensions) and Polish data (VAT, excise tax, restrictions and non-tariff measures) as well,
  • INFOP system – it is the new module of ZEFIR system. INFOP makes information on methods and the state of clearing the documents of liability and also periodical information on the state of liability available to contractors. This information will be delivered to contractors to e-mail address. The mechanism should improve the cooperation between traders,
  • NBP server – currency rates are automatically downloaded every day from the server of National Bank of Poland,
  • European Union Customs Office database – WinSADIB application updates the list of European Union Customs Offices according to Taxation and Custom Union website. 




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