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Data converters

Data formats converters are designed to download data from the enterprise commercial systems to the Huzar Software applications (see arrow with number 1) or from any other trade partner system (see arrow with number 1a), which commercial data (such as business invoices) could be transferred as electronic data (e.g. MS Excel file – xls), except traditional paper document.

Besides, data formats converters can export data to the enterprise commercial systems (see arrow with number 2) and also can present useful data in form of created reports, invoices (see arrow with number 3).

The data formats converters are designed, developed and implemented according to individual order of our client. We usually suggest clients to order the data format converter when more then 50-100 source documents are processed and each of those documents have more then 20 commodities.

Simple data converters (an example)

The most of Huzar Software designed data converters usually collect data from the enterprise systems, from Huzar Software application’s databases (e.g. symbols, descriptions of products, companies, customs tariff or currency exchange rate databases) and from other enterprise’s databases or manually entered data.

Then those data are converted to data format (XML file format) accepted by Huzar Software applications or are directly entered to application’s databases.

The exemplary simple data converter reads text file with data concerning company business invoices and creates the same number of invoices in the WinSADIB invoices unit. Then those invoices can be used for SAD documents or INTRASTAT declarations creation.

Additionally, the simple data converter could also update the WinSADIB databases (such as symbols database) according to other data given by the company.
Advanced data converters (an example)

For other specific demands of our clients we usually design the advanced data converters.


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