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IntrastatIB supports proccess of creation INTRATSTAT declatarion, necessary for the Community statistics relating to the goods trading between Member States. Software allows to record Community arrivals and dispatches by documents related to the Community trading. IntrastatIB software is using FirebirdSQL database engine, that assure/ensure easy and safe INTRATSTAT declaration registry management for number of parties and large number of invoices, also as a third party.

IntrastatIB against Mini Intrastat

Caution! The IntrastatIB application will be useful for INTRASTAT declaration creation for many registered firms, also by a third party. If a company creates declaration for its own, we advice Mini Intrastat application. Its functionality is the same as IntrastatIB, except creation of declaration only for one firm.

IntrastatIB funcionality:

  • creates Intrastat declaration from invoices with automatically grouping goods on a invoice, according to the legal regulations,
  • register of intra-Community arrivals and dispatches invoices, and also of other introdused documents,
  • transfers Intrastat declaration to XML format file – compatibile with Celina system specification,
  • prints Intrastat declaration and invoices in text and graphic modes,
  • automatically generates VAT-UE forms,
  • downloads currency rates from the National Bank of Poland Internet service,
  • calculates additional costs (transport, insurance, ect.) at different currencies for one or few invoices,
  • veryfies CN codes and VAT tax rates with Common Customs Tariff (e.i. polish version ISZTAR),
  • contains lists of countries, currencies, delivery terms, codes and nature of transaction, mode of transport, Customs Offices, customs branches and posts with their code names); all above mentioned data easily can be edited by the user,
  • allows the user to create and edit his own additional and supporting databases (such as companies, symbols, pricelist or currency exchange rates); handy notepads are also accessible;
  • exports and imports data to and from WinSkładIB and WinUCZIB,
  • exports and imports invoices in: XML, DBF, TXT and Intrastat declaration in XML format,
  • allows to create many users of application and to manage them by granting with different rights,
  • contains procedures of automatic data backup creation,
  • works in network environment,
  • has user-friendly and customizable interface (with different profile for each user).

Interbase technology advantages:

  • efficiency: multiple incrementation of efficiency for a big amount of data (e.i. invoices) in comparision to WinSADEU invoices unit,
  • reliability: database is resistant against unpredictable client application operations – e.i. power off or workstations reset,
  • scalability: to gain the increase of efficiency, only the change of database server is required,
  • stability: the use of Linux server or Microsoft Windows server operating systems assure continuous availability of databases for many years.

IntrastatIB application is protected with hardware key (serial or USB port version is available). Or temporarely with a hardware password.

All our clients are provided with rapid and continous software maintenance in case of any change in the customs law and customs Tariff. We also design, develop and implement customer-dedicated systems such as data formats converters. We organise training sessions both in our and in clients place. We also provide consultations in customs regulations domain.

System requirements (workstation):

  • IBM PC compatible computer with Pentium 500 MHz processor (or higher),
  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7,
  • 512MB RAM memory,
  • min. 500MB of available free disc space (application and data),
  • available serial or USB port,
  • VGA display (recommended resolution 800×600 or higher),
  • mouse or any other pointing device,
  • CDROM drive for installation and updates purposes,
  • matrix printer,
  • laser or ink printer for graphic printouts (optional).

System requirements (database server):

  • IBM PC compatible computer with Pentium IV or Athlon XP processor (or higher),
  • Linux or Microsoft Windows operating system, proper for FireBirdSQL database requirements,
  • network link 100 Mbps,
  • min. 1GB of available free disc space (database server data, application data, temporary files).

CAUTION! In case of network version installation of IntrastatIB application, the FireBirdSQL database engine installation is required. FireBirdSQL database engine is a freeware, more information you can find on www.firebirdsql.org and www.ibphoenix.com sites. Becouse of FireBirdSQL database engine restrictions, IntrastatIB network version cannot run on Novell Networks.