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All our clients are provided with rapid and continous software maintenance in case of any change in the customs law and customs Tariff. We also provide consultations in customs regulations domain.

We also design, develop and implement customer-dedicated systems such as data formats converters.

We organise training sessions both in our and in clients’ place.

Licence agreement

The program is distributed on the basis of a license agreement concluded between HUZAR SOFTWARE as a Licensor and a natural or legal person as a Licensee. The HUZAR SOFTWARE company reserves the full copyright for the WinSAD program.

The Licensor grants a six-month guarantee regarding the operation of the program. The licensor is obliged to remove any recurring errors, i.e. those that the user can systematically cause, and are not the result of incorrect handling or improper operation in a given software and hardware environment within two weeks from the date of their submission. The warranty does not cover improper functioning of the program due to changes in legal regulations or independent modifications of the program by the Licensee. If it turns out that the error is caused by a virus, wrong configuration of the environment or deleting one of the files included in the program (or its part), then the user is obliged to pay for the service.

The Licensor is not responsible for the incorrect operation of the program in the case of hardware changes carried out by the Licensee. The Licensor is not liable for any damage resulting from the use of a malfunctioning program.

Terms and scope of service, technical support and software updates Range


Service The type of package
Basic Extended Corporate
Update The latest versions of the software
Software adaptation to changes in the law
Introducting new products in the software
Ensuring cooperation with the systems of the Ministry of Finance
Technical assistence Technical support on business days, 8 a. m. – 6 p. m.
Immediate support of the development department in case of a failure
Dedicated consultant dealing with issues reported by the client
Removal of a defect affecting the operation of the software 14 business days 5 business days 3 business days
Replacement procedure in case of failure 3 business days 4 hours
(on business days)
4 hours
(on business days)
Dedicated modules Preserving readiness for changes in the module
Ensuring interoperability with Huzar-Software programs
Introduction of changes in the module by client’s request to order Free of charge: up to 4 hours per half a year Free of charge: 5 packages (4 hours each) per half a year



  • The upgrade and technical support service is sold only in two closed 6-month periods. The cost of buying a service during the period is the same as for the entire 6 months – regardless of the moment of its purchase. However, this does not apply to customers who purchase new licenses in a given period.

  • The software works correctly on Windows versions supported by Microsoft (the software may not work properly on Windows XP, which is not supported by the manufacturer).

  • Correct cooperation of Huzar – Software products among themselves requires the purchase of an update service and support for all products used.

  • It is not possible to run an older version of the software with a database that was used by the newer version.

  • You can order one selected level of service package that applies to all updated products.

  • If two or more individual positions are updated, all are counted as “subsequent positions”.

  • Technical support is provided for the latest published versions of the Huzar Software software running on Microsoft-supported operating systems.

  • The condition of maintaining reaction times is the possibility to carry out diagnostics using the HSPULPIT tool. Every user who ordered an update has the right to use this software. This program enables remote work of a Huzar – Software specialist in the user’s environment. The program requires a TCP / IP connection on port 8182 between the user’s computer and the wildcat.huzar.pl server. The use of other remote access tools to the user’s environment (such as TeamViewer) is only possible if you purchase the appropriate licenses by the user and provide the licensed software to Huzar – Software

  • The number of corporate support packages is limited.

  • In case of a payment debt for Huzar-Software, Huzar-Software has the right to withhold the provision of updates and support and to stop the operation of the software licensed by the debtor.


  • The preparation and delivery of updates consists of:

    o adapting the software to changes in the generally applicable legal provisions

    o ensuring cooperation between the produced software in Huzar – Software

    o ensuring cooperation between previously supported by programs Huzar – Software information systems of the Ministry of Finance

    o publishing new software versions on the Huzar – Software website

  • Publication of a version compliant with the revised law will take place before or at the latest on the day the changes come into force. If the publication of changes takes place later than one week before their entry into force, then new versions of the software will be available within a week of the publication of changes in the law.

  • New products in the software, as part of the basic functionality, are introduced only for the needs of all users. All changes in the software, made by Huzar – Software, at the individual user’s request, are carried out on the basis of separate agreements.

  • Cooperation with the new IT customs systems of the Ministry of Finance may require the purchase of appropriate modules extending the existing functionality of the basic software.

Technical assistance:

  • Technical support means:
    o telephone and electronic help and advice in the field of solving problems with the use of software on business days, from Monday to Friday, 8 am – 6 pm
    o Provision of paid technical assistance and database maintenance services.

  • As part of extended and corporate packages, the user is entitled to free packets of hours to be used for IT work / consultations related to the adaptation of software to business processes. Extended package – one package of hours in the half-year is entitled. Corporate Package – five packets of hours are granted in the half-year. A single package of hours consists of 4 hours of consultant work. A single package is always used in its entirely for the reported case. It may be necessary to use more than one package to solve the problem.

  • Time to offer a replacement procedure and remove the defect is calculated within the office’s working hours, from carrying out diagnostics by Huzar – Software and providing the database archives, if Huzar – Software deems it necessary.

Dedicated modules: 

  • As part of the update and technical support service, Huzar – Software undertakes to maintain source codes, maintain technical personnel involved in the maintenance of the module and provide technical support on the terms described above.

  • Ordering the update service on a dedicated module (usually a converter) guarantees the interoperability of the module with our other up-to-date software.

  • If, due to changes in the legal or IT system of the Ministry of Finance, there would be no possibility to maintain the functionality of the dedicated module, Huzar – Software will promptly offer another, acceptable solution for interoperability of the module with other Huzar – Software software.